City Games - Why Krakow?

Urban Games in Krakow


Integration activities are usually realized out in places far away from civilization – in the forests, clearings, and other secluded places. What to do when the conference, training or congress takes place in the city – particularly in Krakow?
Let us organize the city game.

Krakow, as a cultural capital of Poland is also the city of science and business. In the outsourcing and technology services sector there are over 100 international companies employing tens of thousands of employees. Kraków favors business through joint activities of scientific and business institutions and city authorities. The city has been awarded the prestigious CEE Shared Services and Outsourcing Awards for entrepreneurs in the category Best City of the Year - Poland.

Krakow is also the favourit European city for tourists. The city has received the annual Tourist Travel Award of the Zoover travel portal - "The Best European City Trip" several times. The portal has been researching dozen of thousands of opinions on the most popular European cities. They include criteria such as atmosphere, culture, nightlife and quality of hotels. City of Krakow has repeatedly received the highest average ratings in recent years, and the visitors appreciated the unique atmosphere.

However often guests visiting Krakow for purpose of the conference, symposium or trainings do not have enough much time to explore the city. What to do then? This is our role!

We can arrange the urban game as a kind of of interactive sightseeing. The historical fabule will takes you in to the most important Krakow's squares, streets and buildings, but also show the unknown face of the Old Town. Our city game is a carefully selected proportions of assumptions - fun, competition and sightseeing.

We can offer proven scenarios related to the legends and history of Krakow, as well as universal scenarios for groups of foreign guests, more and more often visiting our city during conferences, training sessions and tourist visits.

The ready made scenarios can be modified in accordance to the expectations of the client, acvcording the company's branch or specific assumptions - integration, launching new products, merging companies. The fabule and form of the game may strengthen the emphasis on the other goals - sightseeing - in the case of companies from outside Kraków and team building and competition - in the case of companies even from Krakow.

The participants, divided into teams have to perform tasks to actively involve members of the team. Urban Games for the foreigners are realized in English or other languages.

Magical Krakow is a history and the modernity - the mysterious places, historical monuments and culture, as well as a numbers of historical figures connected with the city of Krakow. For groups visiting Krakow, we also offer city games as a kind of an interactive tours of the most interesting places in the history of Krakow, connected with a legends and the historical figures.

Our proposal is a kind of the game with the visiting the most attractive Krakow's sightseeings in a fun storyline.

In the game the participants will take part in a specific journey in time, meet the characters from legends, stories and history of Krakow - Wawel Dragon, Prince Krak, crazy scientists and artists and experts in the secrets of Krakow.

After the game we recommend lunch or dinners in the famous Krakow restaurants, where delicious meals are served in modest budget and also as a royal feast in the famous Wierzynek restaurant.


Our Urban Games is the opportunity how to discover an unknown Krakow in a nutshell.
The City Game - we know Krakow!