City Games - For Whom?


For Companies

Team building and sightseeing city games as a part of team building activities.

Our company offers the complete organization of ever so popular city games, carried out as active sightseeing or outdoor events sessions, developed around interesting plots, all held in Cracow’s most attractive locations. A city game is a divine combination of fun, competition and sightseeing.

A set of scripts can be provided for you to choose the most relevant one. Among them, there are stories involving the knowledge of Cracow history and legends, as well as more universal ones, suiting the needs of people from outside the city. Every script can be freely modified to the client’s needs and expectations; it can be adjusted to match your company’s profile or a specific topic, such as teamwork, introducing new products, company merger. Depending on client’s requirements, the city game will focus on visiting Cracow (in case of groups from outside of the city) or on fun and competition (in case of Cracow companies and institutions).

Game participants are usually divided into teams. On their own or supported by our game moderators, they have to actively participate and cooperate well in order to complete various tasks. All games for international visitors are held in a foreign language.


For Travel Agencies – Sightseeing City Games

It is the liaison between the past and the present that makes Cracow a magical place. The city is full of the old Krak Gord mysterious, legendary places, culture, people…Groups visiting are welcome to join a Sightseeing City Game, integrating a city tour around the most interesting Cracow historical spots with game features, focused around places’ legends, people and historical treasures.

We will ensure you visit all city highlights as well as other amazing places hidden from an ordinary tourist; all while playing a very interesting city game.

For a lunch break, we suggest a delicious meal in famous Cracow restaurants, either in posh and sophisticated Wierzynek Restaurant or in any of medium budget places offered.



Our Urban Game gives you an opportunity to discover unknown Krakow with fun and team building event. We know Krakow!