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You will be placed and buckled up in a transparent, air cushioned hollow ball and go rolling down the hill.  Try a great adrenaline boost the New Zealand style.  Our zorbing track is located near Cracow. It is 100 meters long and, to enhance the chill, ends up in a lake.


Mundial - The Gigantic Table Football

Do you know table football? This one is played on a huge inflated pitch, the largest one in Poland.  Players are divided up into two teams and tied to sticks on the pitch, just like in the original table football. They have to play a football game while being able to move sideways only. What a great load of fun!


The Off Road Ride

You can enjoy an off road ride, either on rough terrain or on a track.  The cooperation between the pilot and the driver, fighting obstacles, tricky maneuvering, and making difficult decisions are all included in that great team building exercise. Thanks to carefully chosen off road trucks, steep slopes, impassable roads, loads of mud and swamp are all a piece of cake. Neither sand in summertime nor snow in winter are a threat to those specially tuned off road vehicles.  Nevertheless, the successful completion of the ride is up to the pilot and the driver.


Become the Formula 1 Driver – The Go-kart Experience

Do feel invited to come and try your racing skills on a professional Go-kart track. You will be provided with vehicles, helmets and speed measuring tools, all to enjoy Formula 1 race.

The Laser Arena – Laser Paintball

The Laser Paintball is like a computer game in the real world. It allows for secure war fight simulation with a precise computerized hit count.

There are no limits to the use of ammunition, you can even shoot a thousand times during one game.  You are be able to control the amount of games played, magazines and ammunition available, as well as modify the team split to keep fun and excitement going. Each player is equipped with a laser gun and a vest with sensors. A gun shot is a stream of light registered by sensors on the opponent’s vest and precisely counted.


Our company can also organize a paintball session. With relevant safe and healthy rules in mind, it is a secure, strategic game, played out in the open in a war-like field guns loaded with balls of paint.  The game is suitable for everyone, regardless of age and gender. To win, you not only need to be fast and equipped, but also make good decisions on the spot, be alert and determined.

The Shooting Range

This is a short gun shooting session led by sports and recreation instructor, who specializes in teaching shooting skills.


In search of the Wawel Dragon Mystery Recipe
Cracow Charade Professor Einstein's kidnapping

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